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At The Detox Center it is our mission to give you one of the most comfortable and seamless detox possible. The Detox Center is only known for its ability to offer you luxurious detox experience. We know that thought of detox probably frightens you but don’t worry, we are here to show you easy it can be with the right medication and highest level of comfort provided by us. The Detox Center makes the most frightening steps of getting sober, the easy part of recovery!

Our staff at the The Detox Center has multiple years of experience dealing with and helping those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. At The Detox Center we realize that our staff is an important part of the process while you detox. Without understanding people your detox wouldn’t be as pleasant as possible!

Don’t hesitate to break free from your addiction. Starting your sobriety in comfort is easier than you think. Just call us at 888-391-4969

Have a Drug or Alcohol problem? Need Detox? Call us at 888-391-4969 for help!

When I called The Detox Center, their addiction specialist Dena was more than happy to help me, answered all my questions and brought me in the very same day. Thank you Dena.

If it wasn’t for The Detox Center team bringing me in for help, I can honestly say, I don’t think I would be alive to share this testimonial- this message of hope.

The Detox Center staff welcomed me with open arms when I needed a hug more than anything else.